AEM 6.1 - A Little Vision Goes A Long Way

Here are some not so fun questions you might get from your boss in the coming weeks:

  1. Should we move to Adobe Experience Manager 6.1?
  2. How is it better than what we have?
  3. How hard will it be to implement?
  4. What are the risks of moving or not moving to the new platform?
  5. How much time and money will this cost the organization?

The only thing worse than not having answers is making answers up. And we're not making that up...

Be proactive. Bring the Adobe Experience Manager vision.
Here is a better approach. Don't wait for the questions. Unveil the plan.

  1. Understand what you currently have
  2. Articulate how each new or enhanced feature can impact your customer's web experience
  3. Outline the opportunities and risk of migrating
  4. Unveil a solid upgrade plan that focuses on quick wins and maximized value

Some call that having your act together. We call that leadership.

3|SHARE's Overveiew of AEM 6.1 - What's In It For You?
We want to arm you with the good stuff, so we've assessed the features of Adobe Experience Manager 6.1 and rolled it all into a nice presentation. Go ahead - learn what's new in AEM 6.1 by downloading the presentation now! 

Believe when we say that AEM does not upgrade itself. You'll need a plan and 3|SHARE can make sure you have the right one.

I want to download AEM 6.1 overview presentation